15 February 2023
15 Feb 2023

The Visitation of Fr. General in the Philippine Region

In January, the superior general visited the Philippines region. It was a visit that created joy and at the same time posed questions to each confrere.

by  Ronald M. Basco

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The Philippine Region was so excited and delighted as they warmly welcome Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, SCJ, the General Superior of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SCJ) congregation, on January 13, 2023. Father General was accompanied by one of his Councilors, Fr. Vincent Sri Herimanto, and SCJ. There are 11 communities in the Philippine Region. The 12th (the Sacred Heart Spirituality Center) is yet to be established. Each community did their best and gave much effort in a creative way to welcome both of them. As they went around and visited the communities, they experienced to be surprised by the singing and dancing of some conferrers, brothers, sisters, seminarians, staff, and some of the talented parishioners. In one of the communities, Fr. General was given a seedling of a tree to be planted by himself as a remembrance for his visit. He also witnessed the variety of ethnic presentations and traditions in some of the tribes in the Philippines.

After the creative and unique welcome by different communities, Fr. General spent some time with each member of the communities. He lent his fatherly ear as he listened carefully to each member of the communities. He also asked questions that were worth pondering. Questions that challenged each member of the community as a person, as a member of a particular entity, and as a member of the congregation. He also spent some time with each of the community by chatting, listening, laughing, eating, drinking, and watching TV shows together with all the members of a particular community. The visitation of Fr. General together with one of his Councilors in the Philippine Region brought joy and inspiration to each member to always have an open heart and open mind just like our founder Fr. Leo John Dehon and to think, feel, and act not just as a member of a particular entity but as a member of the congregation. On January 29, 2023, Fr. Carlos and Fr. Vincent left the Philippines.

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