16 July 2021
16 Jul 2021


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03 September 2021

Final vows in Mozambique

Pandemic time, closed churches, calamity time... this is the time in which we live. However, all of this didn’t stop the journey of three young dehonians in Mozambique

18 August 2021Jakub Bieszczad, scj  

Only He was not afraid to visit me

Fr. Jakub recounts his experience of forced isolation due to Covid-19.

19 July 2021Zeferino Policarpo, scj  

A New Normality

The SCJs in Portugal, after the various waves of the pandemic, have regained life and pastoral dynamism.

20 June 2021P. Daniel Kouobou scj  

Why want to be something, when you can become someone?

For more than a decade we have been witnessing progressive globalization of crises in the world, the current pandemic of COVID-19 is the most powerful manifestation.  The author proposes ways of renewing humanity in each of us and in a global way, starting from a re-reading of the consequences of the current crisis caused by Covid-19.

14 June 2021Elsa Antoniazzi  

Public value of votes

In this time of pandemic, it is not a question of understanding religious life to be in crisis, but of finding a sensibility that permeates everyday life when one's regular life is forced to close in on itself. What is the role of religious life in our cities?

06 June 2021Fr. Luca Garbinetto  

Intercessory prayer in Moses

Our whole life can be illuminated by Moses’ journey of prayer, who learned to pray and exercised it. It applies to us as well, in a progressive passage of maturation.

04 May 2021Tinu Thomas Padapurakkal  

Pandemic affects Dehonians in India

A second wave of the coronavirus has seriously affected India, and has directly affected many Dehonians there. 

26 April 2021Luca Garbinetto  

The Prayer of Question

In the midst of a pandemic, more or less all of us, sooner or later, have asked ourselves "how come?", and as believers we have addressed to God for an invocation or a supplication: "but why Lord? Do I lack faith if I try to understand?". Or we have been disappointed, when God - at least it seems - did not answer, "but then, does He really exist?"

21 January 2021Michael Augustine, scj  

It’s always Christmas

Christmas time is now behind us. Young Dehonian confreres in India have built a COVID-19 crib: a symbol that goes beyond Christmas.

23 December 2020Boris Igor Signe, scj  

Advent lived differently

Religious practice in Advent 2020 is being put to the test.

19 December 2020

Theological issues in times of the pandemic

A conversation with Fr. Manuel Antonio Teixeira about the status of the Dehonian Theological Commission.

10 December 2020Marcelo Reynoso, scj  

Dehonian Virtual Mission in Argentina and Uruguay

Proclaiming the joy of the Gospel and bringing a message of encouragement and hope: the first Virtual Mission.

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