15 February 2020
15 Feb 2020

Dehonians and emergency COVID-19

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21 September 2020Diego Diaz, scj  

Missionaries Preparing Via ZOOM

The pandemic does not stop the formation and missionary projects.

16 September 2020Antonio Dall'Osto, scj  

Covid-19 and Dehonian Spirituality

The world has been experiencing a corona virus crisis for several months. As a Dehonian family, we are called to a profound inner change.

14 September 2020Brigitte Deiters  

Faith at the table

In this time of pandemic, an original Dehonian experience from Neustadt in Germany

09 September 2020Christian Hofer Samosir, scj  

Diaspora seminary is not new normal but going back to early Christian life

Minor seminary in  Indonesia introduces Diaspora seminary life

04 June 2020Levi Ferrei  

Our Dehonian life

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