14 December 2020
14 Dec 2020

Missionary Advent

In this time of pandemic, the Dehonians of Italy propose to live the Advent by supporting the Dehonian missions in the world, especially in Africa.

by  Marino Bano, scj

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As it has been happening for several years now, also this year for Advent the SAM (ITS Missionary Animation Secretariat) proposes to communities, parishes, missionary groups, but also simply to individuals, small projects of help and support to our missions, which can serve for missionary animation and awareness in the realities in which we live.

This year we thought for a long time if it was worth it, in this moment of emergency that affects everyone, to propose forms of help and solidarity far from the realities in which we live.

It is enough to open our eyes and the poor we find them next to us, in our streets and in our cities, in need of welcome and help, and there is no need to go “far” to meet them and hear their cry.

It was neither easy nor obvious to choose to continue our service of “missionary animation” in the usual manner, but this is the mandate that as SAM has been entrusted to us by our Province.

The SAM’s activity focuses precisely on keeping missionary sensitivity alive and offering it as a service to our confreres, not losing sight of the reality that surrounds us, but also conscious that the world does not end with our horizons, but always goes beyond.

Advent and Lent as times of greater charitable attention, Easter for the sale of chocolate eggs to raise funds for projects, the training courses throughout the year, culminate in the summer period where the missionary proposals of the SAM are more developed and materialized.

The greatest attention is given to young people with initiatives and experiences in our missions, prepared with care, for an education to welcome, integration to the world that can become a lifestyle in the daily life of each one.

The summer activities are prepared and lived together with the other European Dehonian entities and are developed and implemented with the project “My Mission”. Let’s build together bridges that allow for the exchange of wealth in sharing!

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