26 January 2021
26 Jan 2021

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In conversation with Fr. Stefan Tertünte, director of the Dehonian Study Center (Centro Studi Dehoniani - CSD).

by  Sergio Rotasperti, scj

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We know that there is something new in your team. Would you like to tell us about it?

We are trying to expand the team of collaborators in an increasingly decentralized perspective. We have introduced the figure of the researcher and part-time member of the CSD. The Superior General has appointed Fr. Stefano Zamboni (ITS) as a part-time researcher. He will not be living here in the generalate. He is a professor of moral theology and will devote some time to research in preparation for a doctorate in philosophy on concepts that most interest to SCJs.

Do you have any plans for this 2021?

The great project concerns the task entrusted to us by the General Chapter. Our goal is to create a database that brings together the Dehonian sources, with the various sections offering studies. We have opened a new section called Studia Varia (http://www.studiadehonianadocs.org/#/home) where we publish studies that have not been published in Dehonian or Dehonian Studies, but which, despite being dated, we consider valid and important.

Also on the official website of the congregation (dehoniani.org) there will be a section dedicated specifically to the CSD and Dehonian sources

What ´Dehonian´ readings do you recommend for 2021?

A first suggestion: visit the portal http://www.dehondocsoriginals.org/projects; the publication of the proceedings of the international colloquium on devotion to the Sacred Heart (Sacred Heart Devotion. Memory, Body, Image, Text – Continuities and Discontinuitie), published by a Swiss publishing house in collaboration with the University of Lucerne, offering a variety of perspectives: historical, theological, philosophical, and sociological.

Are there any particular events to keep an eye on this year?

At the end of January, we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Fr. Albert Bourgeois, former Superior General, a man of renewal after Vatican II. We are planning several initiatives that will help us discover not only his personality but also his work in drafting the new constitutions.

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