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Country: France

29 June 2022Charles Aime Koudjou, scj  

Interview with Brother Michel Poirier

An interview with Brother Michel Poirier, born in 1915.

08 December 2021Joseph Famerée, scj  

Religious men and women of France react to sexual abuse in the French Church

300 major superiors from France gathered in Lourdes in an atmosphere of penitence and reflection on the abuses in the French Church. Today, religious life in France is still vital.

15 November 2021Joseph Famerée scj  

Saint Institute Jean and La Croix in Saint-Quentin

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Institution Saint Jean et La Croix inaugurated a renovated building and dedicated it to Father Léon Jean Dehon. Here is Father Joseph Famerée's speech on the connection between Léon Dehon and Institution Saint Jean.

03 May 2021P. Lorenzo Prezzi scj  

France: secularity between freedom and suspicion

If passed, the law bearing the title For the Respect of the Principles of the French Republic will transform the climate of mutual trust into a regime of distrust, limitation and control.

26 October 2017Dominique Ai Long Vu, scj  

I’m happy because I feel that God loves me

05 April 2017Thomas Krantz  

Provincial Assembly in Clairefontaine


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