24 November 2021
24 Nov 2021

Communicating beyond the social networks

The Second Meeting of BRE Province Collaborators took place November 5-7 in João Pessoa, Brazil, with the theme "New Networks, New Seas".

by  Aline Herculano

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The 2nd Encounter of Collaborators of the BRE Province took place from November 5th to 7th at the São Gonçalo Church Pastoral Center in João Pessoa/PB, Brazil, with the theme “New Networks, New Seas“. The meeting was attended by 21 pastoral agents of the Dehonian parishes in the states of Ceará, Paraíba and Pernambuco.

The theme “New Networks, New Seas” brought out reflections on the alliance between new technologies and evangelization, besides the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of communication. The Provincial Superior Fr. Josemar Lima, scj, send a message for the opening of the Meeting, highlighting the importance of communication in the pandemic period and how much it collaborated with evangelization through social networks:

In his own words, “We saw how important was Communication during the pandemic period, how much it collaborated with evangelization. Let us truly feel called by God for this great mission in our Church, in our Congregation. Jesus Christ is our great model, more than two thousand years ago he had already used many means to a large crowd for better communication, says the Gospel. In this meeting, you will all find new methodologies for evangelization. The great mission of communication is to show all men and women who Jesus is, following the example of St. John the Baptist: “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

And he completed his words citing the example of Father Dehon: “Our founding father Father Dehon was a great communicator, he was concerned with communication, founding newspapers, writing in magazines, seeking all the means of the time to make Jesus Christ known and loved.”

The objective of the meeting was to promote training for the agents of our Collaborator Network, who work in the Dehonian parishes and to promote more effective communication in our Province.

The Church that communicates

We are a Church more and more present in the virtual environment, called to make a communication that evangelizes, dialogues, forms and spread an honest and convenient public opinion.

Fr. Luiz Alípio, scj, coordinator of communication in the province, emphasized the importance of the event:

“In this Meeting, we had theoretical and practical training on photography, card making, text production and the use of social networks: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We want our life and charism to be more and more propagated and lived, spreading the news of the Church, of our Province and the Dehonian Family”.

The Network of Dehonian Collaborators of the BRE Province emerged in 2018 intending to articulate the communication of the Dehonian parishes in unity with the Province, promote our actions and actions in the region in which we are inserted.

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