28 November 2023

Dehonians of Portugal gathered in Chapter

The Portuguese Province is now celebrating its 15th Provincial Chapter. The Chapter is attended by 27 religious.

17 November 2023

European provincial superiors toward a common way of acting

Provincial Superiors of European entities for the first time gathered together with provincial treasurers. Among the topics discussed: preparation for the general chapter, internationality, the centenary of Fr. Dehon's death (2025), European youth ministry activities. Draft Statute of the Conference of Major Superiors of Europe approved

15 November 2023

Formation: a priority for Dehonians in Madagascar

Interview with Father Jean Léonard Ramarofanomezana, Regional Superior, about the Chapter and the Superior General's visit.

13 November 2023

“Let us expand our Tents” for Peace (Cf. Is 54: 2)

The Association of Central African Episcopal Conferences (ACEAC) held a consultation on alternative paths to peace in the Great Lakes region in Rome at the general house of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SCJ).

Dehonian Worldwide
10 November 2023

The International College of Rome celebrates Fr. Gilbert and Fr. Guy

On October 21, the International College of Rome community celebrated 25 years of religious profession of Fathers Gilbert Kamta Tatsi and Guy Basile Fouomené.

08 November 2023

Canadian exchange students say farewell to Colégio São Luiz

The warmth of the people of Brusque and the close relationship between students and teachers were what surprised the students the most.

05 November 2023

One more step toward the beatification of Fr. Longo

Celebration of the diocesan phase of the cause regarding the martyrdom of the Dehonian Father Bernardo Longo

27 October 2023

Chapter ACR Assembly

The chapter of the District of Austria and Croatia focused mainly on its own reality and its challenges: communication and fraternity.

23 October 2023

Provincial Chapter of the GBI Dehonians

From Monday October 9 to Thursday October 12, the Provincial Chapter of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Great Britain and Ireland was held in Dublin. The Provincial Chapter was held at the same time as the synod on synodality in Rome, which is marked by a spirit of listening.

17 October 2023

The spirit of friendship in Handrup

It's something special when students and teachers from eleven schools - from the countries of Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Canada and the USA - get together for a week-long camp.

With open heart
13 October 2023

Towards the Beatification of Fr. Bernardo Longo

On Friday, Nov. 3, p.v.,on the 59th anniversary of his martyrdom, at 7 p.m., in the " Parish of Santa Giuliana" in Curtarolo (Padua), will end the "Diocesan Inquiry" in order to the Beatification of the Servant of God Father Bernardo Longo SCJ.

10 October 2023

“A Moment of God’s grace and blessings”.

The Province of South Africa held its 6th provincial chapter

Antonio Panteghini scj

Mis 30 años en África

P. Antonio Panteghini antiguo Superior General cuenta sus últimos 30 años en Camerún: "Estoy contento de estos 30 años pasados en África. El Señor me ha ayudado a ser útil a la Iglesia con la formación de muchos sacerdotes, y útil a la gente con muchos proyectos.

Levi scj, Eduardo scj, Josimar scj

What about the 2021-2023 synod?

Three confreres reflect on the recently concluded synod.

Vinicio Albanesi

The clerical faces of the synod

The Holy Father's address on Oct. 4, 2023, at the opening of the 16th Ordinary Synod reveals feelings of hope, but also of concern.

Joseph Famerée, scj

“Praying with Vatican II”

Fr. Joseph Famerée scj has been elected Catholic co-chairman of the Dombes group.
Here we present his latest publication and the Dombes group.


From conversion to conversion

Religious life is constantly evolving. It is perfected from crisis to crisis and from conversion to conversion.

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (12)

Fr. Blancal (1826-1905) was a very controversial figure. A brilliant and ambitious personality, he was in constant conflict with Fr. Dehon. Fr. Dehon accepted him as he was. Blancal died in the arms of Fr. Dehon.


Africa: diverging readings

A new collaboration began between SettimanaNews and the African magazine J’écris, je crie – in whose editorial staff there are also Dehonian confreres, who inspired its birth. A cultural and information synergy suggested with conviction by the superior general of the Congregation Fr. Carlos Suarez.

“A once in a lifetime opportunity”

In August Fr. Henry Nguyen, SCJ, province vocation director, accompanied Dehonian youth from the US Province to World Youth Day in Portugal.

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