“Ready to serve where I am most needed and where I have the most to give”

On Saturday, October 16, the diaconal ordination of Martti Savijoki was celebrated in St. Mary's Church in Helsenki (FIN).continue
Dehonian Worldwide
22 October 2021

Union and oblation, finding the way and aim

The new foundation in the Netherlands, formed by Fathers Peter Subowo, Michal Tabak, Jesús Baena, was invited to participate at the assembly of the German province. Fr. Wilhelmus Halters was also present. We present the text of their testimony.

Dehonian Worldwide
20 October 2021

One year later

On October 20, 2020, Fr. José Manuel de Jesús Ferreira was murdered. A video to remember him.

Dehonian Worldwide
20 October 2021

“Beyond statistics, migrants and refugees have faces”

The International Conference on the Theology of Human Mobility in the 21st Century, organized by the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), the Union of Superiors General (USG) and the Scalabrini International Migration Institute (SIMI), was held online September 20-22. A strong invitation to welcome Pope Francis' call.

On the peripheries
18 October 2021

Dehonians in Mozambique: serving the people

When a charism meets with a people and a culture, things happen that had never been written before may happen. This is what happened for the Dehonian charism and the dehonians in Mozambique.

16 October 2021

Diaconal Ordinations in South Africa

On 10 October, Dehon International Formation House Scholasticate had the joy of having four new deacons.

14 October 2021

Krakow and surroundings

Photo-report of the day of the Major Superiors of Europe

Aimone Gelardi scj

Cult, Devotion and Spirituality

In the Rule of Life of the Dehonians, the cult of the Sacred Heart has the traits attributed to it by the Church; the devotion incarnates today what the Founder lived in his time; the spirituality inspires a given style of life.

Daniel Kouobou scj

Reparation and Mercy in a context of conflict 

"If our Dehonian charism is a richness for the Church and society, a gift of God for each one of us, it is also true that it can become mute for our societies in crisis if it is not pregnant with a global project of society, which responds to the thirsts of men and women of our time, in the real context of their daily existence."

Lorenzo Prezzi

Dehonian Editions in Italy close down

After 60 years, the Dehonian Editions of Bologna (Italy) close

Daniel Kouobou scj

Where is your brother? The risk of fraternity

Is not the present violence a castration of the thirst for fraternity? It is therefore necessary to respond in a dignified way to current violence, which is a sign of existential decline, with the necessary risk of fraternity.

Angelo Arrighini scj

The Dehonian Congregation in the Mission of the Church

One of the privileged ways to understand the state of the mind of a superior general is undoubtedly through his letters. Understand Fr. Bourgeois through his circular letters.

P. Stefano Zamboni scj

Devotion to the Sacred Heart: Continuity and Discontinuity

Review of the volume edited by Franziska Metzge and Stefan Tertünte, which collects the acts of the colloquium which took place in Rome on November 8-9, 2019.

Riccardo Cristiano

Amnesty International: report on Syria

Former refugees tortured, raped, disappeared after returning home. Syrian security forces have subjected Syrians who returned home after seeking refuge abroad to detention, disappearance and torture, including sexual violence, Amnesty International said.

Francesco Sisci

Handling China and the changing paradigms of international politics

In his latest press conference, American President Joseph Biden, explaining the reasons for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. In this paradigm, China was crucial.


Wars in Africa: The Case of NOSO in Cameroon and the Dehonian presence

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Jesus and Michal in Netherlands

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Heart to Heart #4 | Bonnie J. Shafrin

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