Dehonian Worldwide
16 January 2022

SCJs celebrate 75 years of presence in Portugal

The Solemn session opened the album of memories and happy memories.

On the peripheries
14 January 2022

My Social Commitment

P. Aldo Marchesini: dehonian, priest, surgeon and missionary. His reflections for the General Conference.

Dehonian Worldwide
12 January 2022

Convent Sustainable and Solidarity

Conversion to ecological education and spirituality.

10 January 2022

“There is no holiness in sadness”

An interview of introduction of newly elected provincial.

Read the Bible
07 January 2022

Saved from sin and death

The Baptism of the Lord

Read the Bible
04 January 2022

Seeing the star at its rising

Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

In memoriam
17 January 2022

Fr. Aldecir José Piai

* 19.08.1961
† 16.01.2022

Anna Maria Gellini

Time and history toward what salvation?

A new year begins. Let us reread 2021 in the light of faith.

Gian Quinto Regazzoni

There Are No Retired Missionaries

When the Spirit of God reaches a person, it is not possible to live without proclaiming the good news of God's love and projecting oneself to others.

Aimone Gelardi scj

Leone Dehon, man and gentleman

Dehon wrote a great deal and not always in an original, critical and scientific way. The material available online and edited by the Centro Studi Dehoniani should stimulate research conducted in a scientific way, in order to "bring out the image of a Christian and holy man who has much to say to each one of us and to the Church".

Elia Ercolino
Presenza cristiana

Advent, monastic time

The advent of Christmas, is a propitious occasion to return to rethink, with a soul ready to understand, to question one's own certainties, to re-discuss one's own way and one's own forms of expressing faith.

Riccardo Cristiano

100 months without Paolo Dall’Oglio

On July 29, 2013, Jesuit Father Paolo Dall'Oglio was kidnapped in Raqqa, Syria. Since then there has been no certain news of him. A hundred months after that day, Riccardo Cristiano reconstructs the fact and the Christian temperament of the figure.

Riccardo Cristiano

Belarus-Poland: the shadow of genocide

Iraq wants to bring 'home' its citizens willing to return from Belarus. Who are these people? How and why did they let themselves be used in this way?

Is Latin America still Catholic?

Latin America has always been spoken of as a Catholic continent. It is true that in our countries there are a great majority of people baptized in the Catholic Church but they are by tradition and custom with almost no impact in life: they have therefore a superficial and vulnerable faith.


Greetings – IX General Conference

It is Christmas…

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Wars in Africa: The Case of NOSO in Cameroon and the Dehonian presence

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Jesus and Michal in Netherlands

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