Dehonian formation in India

Fr. Parfait, of the Dehonian Studies Center, reports on his formation experience in India.continue
Dehonian Worldwide
02 June 2023

40 years of history of the Argentine Province

The Province of Argentina is going through a process of restructuring.

31 May 2023

Latin American Dehonian Formators Meeting

Final message addressed to the Congregation.

23 May 2023

The approaching magic… so little left


Dehonian Worldwide
22 May 2023

Superior General visits northern Italian province

Visit of Superior General and Vicar General, a time for dialogue and mutual listening.

17 May 2023

Allowing oneself to be cared for by the Good God

The novices of Our Lady of Fatima Novitiate participated in a meeting with the other novices from Santa Catarina State, Brazil.

Dehonian Worldwide
15 May 2023

Called to Serve

New priests and deacons ordained in Poland

12 May 2023

An Economy for All. Final Message

Final message of the theological seminar held at ESIC University Madrid from May 7 to 11, 2023.

10 May 2023

Towards an Economy for All #4

Theological Seminar
Madrid, Thursday, May 11

09 May 2023

Towards an Economy for All #3

Theological Seminar.
Madrid, Wednesday 10 May.

08 May 2023

Towards an Economy for All #2

Theological Seminar.
Madrid, Tuesday, May 9

07 May 2023

Towards an Economy for All #1

Theological Seminar.
Madrid, Monday, May 8

Dehonian Studies
28 April 2023

Theological seminar in Madrid: an invitation open to all

Fr. Stefan Tertünte introduces the Dehonian Theological Seminar which will take place in Madrid from May 7-11, 2023. The theme of the seminar is "Towards an Economy for All. Inclusive, sustainable, just."

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (7)

Fr. Thaddeus Captier was an intelligent and erudite person, but also scrupulous, exalted, visionary, unable to guide himself and others. And nevertheless he was welcomed into the congregation by Fr. Dehon

Salvo Coco

What Church today? Returning to the origins of the Church

The daily life of the early Christians was inspired by baptism. And today? There is still a long way to go to fully realise the Second Vatican Council.

Primo Corbelli

Leo Dehon: leaving the sacristy and going to the people

"The Church is not an enemy of progress. But... what progress can there be without work, what social welfare without justice? True progress is that of human dignity" (Father Dehon).

Open sources

Letter for March 14, 2023.

Lenten Penance and the Synodal Journey

Messaggio of Pope Francis for Lent

Primo Corbelli, scj

The meaning of Lent

For the Church, the most important celebration of the year is Easter. That is why there is an extraordinary time of preparation that takes forty days. It is a period of forty days that begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Palm Sunday.

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (6)

Fr. Francis Xavier (Philip) Lamour (1843-1921), assumed various positions in the Congregation and became General Councilor. Fr. Dehon remembers him as a person who was "too mystical." He was sent by Fr. Dehon to Palestine to found two houses in Nazareth and Bethany, but the project failed.

The Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur launches a fundraising campaign

Dehonians in Canada founded the "Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur" in 1953. This year marks 70 years of its foundation. The Dehonians started a foundraising campaign.

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