Opening Mass of the general chapter

At the Pontifical French Seminary of St. Clare, where Fr. Dehon stayed, the opening mass of the general chapter was celebrated. We report the homily of the Superior General.continue
13 June 2024

The World is my Family

Synodality ist the beginning of a new journey in anthropo-ecclesial and socio-religious context of the third millennium.

12 June 2024

A world in transformation

For some time now we have been navigating new waters with different conceptions of the world, the human, the being, intelligence, work, spirituality, politics, faith and religion. In such a world, what is our role as Dehonians?

11 June 2024

Pope Francis’ concerns about the need for ethics in a transforming world

Pope Francis' concerns about the world in transformation are also the challenges of the general chapter

10 June 2024

A provincial chapter under the sign of synodality

How do you experience synodality during the chapter? Fr. Stefan Tertünte tells how the German province conducted the recent provincial chapter.

08 June 2024

Synodal inspiration for the General Chapter

Synodality, Sint unum and General Chapter.

05 June 2024

Raise your Eyes!

Letter on the occasion of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June 7, 2024

05 June 2024

On the road to unity: Dehonian approach

The path towards unity is a lifelong exercise, as indispensable for the congregation as it is for us.

03 June 2024

35 Years of Serving the Philippines: A Legacy of Love

Dehonians in the Philippines celebrate 35 years of presence serving church and people

Dehonian Studies
31 May 2024

Sint Unum & Reparation   

For Fr. Dehon, communion with God was the ultimate goal of his life. But it was realized in the struggle against injustice and in social commitment.

Dehonian Worldwide
29 May 2024

“Let us put on the armor of God” – priestly and deacon ordination in Poland.

Five priests and two Dehonian deacons were ordained in Poland on May 18, 2024

27 May 2024

Ubuntu to the rescue of our Sint Unum

In this article, "Sint unum" is read from the perspective of the philosophical concept of Ubuntu

14 June 2024

Antoine Touw

* 07.07.1937
† 14.06.2024

XXV General Chapter - LIVE
16 June

DehonianSocialRoom #1

Lucas Emanuel Smiriglia

Religious life in Argentina: illusion or hope?

The Argentine Conference of Religious Men and Women (CONFAR) Argentina has chosen as the theme for its 2024 annual meeting that of "Religious Life, Pilgrim of Hope on the Path of Peace."

Yanick Nzanzu Maliro

Congo: tribal conflict over land

Since February 2023, a land dispute has been ongoing between the Lengola and Mbole communities in the urban-rural commune of Lubunga, Kisangani

Yanick Nzanzu Maliro

Goma, a dying city

The Democratic Republic of Congo is in a state of war. For nearly three decades, the eastern part of the country has been suffering under repeated clashes. Not a day goes by without not one but several men and women dying as a result of the war.

Lorenzo Prezzi

Angelo Cavagna, Dehonian pacifist

Fr. Angelo Cavagna passed away in Bolognano d'Arco (Italy) on April 28. In his 94 years of life he was a formator, a farmer priest, an animator of international civil service, a proponent of conscientious objection, and a strong pacifist.

Marcello Neri

Venezuela: religious information and society

The internationalization project of SettimanaNews, after Congo, experienced a second stage in Venezuela, with the collaboration with two Dehonian confreres, Fr. Antonio Teixeira and Fr. Manuel Lagos.

Louange Kahasi

The inhuman conditions of refugees in North Kivu

The war in Kivu or the banality of human life: the naked lives of millions of Congolese. That's all we can say about the Congolese genocide.

Heiner Wilmer

Together with Francis, for a synodal Church

After Vatican letter to German bishops , Msgr. Heiner Wilmer (Bishop of Hildesheim) speaks out to promote a process of mutual and honest understanding between Rome and Germany

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