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Country: Republic of the Congo

03 April 2022Floribert Bulo Dhelo scj  

Provincial Assembly in DRC: The new administration presents its programmatic letter

After the Provincial Assembly which dealt with the programmatic letter of the new administration, Father Floribert Bulu, Provincial Secretary, looks back on the moments of this great provincial meeting.

11 April 2021Kivahuka Faustin, scj  

Congo: Fire at the Dehonian Parish of Saint Clément

On the night of Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the community of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the victim of a fire.

24 February 2021Floribert Bulo, scj  

Reflecting on the Future With Hope

The Dehonians of the Congo Province held their provincial assembly from February 17 to 20.

22 March 2016Dehon Study Center  

A conference in Switzerland – with Dehon


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