13 February 2023
13 Feb 2023

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“With your faith, hope and love, with your intelligence, fortitude and perseverance, you must humanize the world in which we live”



At the end of July 2002, St. John Paul II left for an apostolic journey to Toronto, Guatemala City and Mexico City. In Canada about 800,000 young people were waiting for the Pope. It was his last WYD. The theme chosen for this international meeting was: “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world”. “You are young and the Pope is old, and being 82 or 83 is not the same thing as being 22 or 23. However, he continues to fully identify with your hopes and your aspirations. Youth of spirit, youth of spirit! You are our hope, young people are our hope! Do not allow this hope to die. Commit your life to it. We are not the sum of our difficulties and failures; we constitute the sum of Father’s love for us and our specific ability to become the image of his Son”.

(Vatican News, 2019)


Next week we begin Lent season, a more intense time of prayer and conversion. Write down on paper what you intend to change in your attitudes. Burn that paper and put the ashes in the vase. Take a photo and send it to our instagram or facebook.


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