23 December 2022
23 Dec 2022

On Christmas Eve, preparing for WYD


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“Look at Jesus Christ to see what you really are in the eyes of God”



In January 1995 the Pope made an apostolic journey to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Sri Lanka. That year’s WYD was held in Manila, Philippines. In Rizal Park, 5 million young people were gathered in prayer. WYD broke all records. The chosen theme was: “As the Father sent me, so I send you”. During the vigil, St. John Paul II reiterated: What does the Church and the Pope expect from the young people of the 10th World Youth Day? May you bear witness to Jesus Christ, and learn to proclaim all that in Christ’s message concerns the authentic liberation and true progress of humanity. This is what Christ expects from you. This is what the Church asks from the young people of Philippines, Asia and the world”.

(Vatican News, 2019)


We are on the eve of celebrating the birth of Jesus! In the vase put earth, until the stones are all covered. Take a photo and send it to our instagram or facebook.


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