13 December 2022
13 Dec 2022

WYD is an experience I want to live


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“The Church needs your energy, your enthusiasm and your young ideals to make the Gospel of life penetrate the fabric of society”



The first Way of the Cross at WYD was celebrated in the streets of Denver, United States, in August 1993. During the vigil at Cherry Creek State Park, St. John Paul II, along with the young people, meditated on the life that Jesus offers: I ask you the courage to commit yourselves to the truth. Have the courage to believe in the Good News about the Life Jesus teaches in the Gospel. Open your minds and hearts to the beauty of all that God has made, and to his special and personal love for each one of you”. “Jesus Christ never ceases to be the ‘door of the sheep. Despite the history of humanity’s sins against life, he never ceases to repeat with the same force and the same love: “I came that you may have life and have it in abundance”, which was the theme of the Day.

(Vatican News, 2019)


In the vase next to the candle that contains your intention, place some small stones. Take a photo and send it to our instagram or facebook.


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