09 June 2021
09 Jun 2021

Dehonians in Mozambique
living Laudato Si

Dehonians and Missionary Company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Work together implementing Laudato Si

by  P. Luciano Vieira, scj

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We are completing a year dedicated to remembering the first Social Encyclical of Pope Francis: Laudato Si. It is a milestone we Dehonians did not want to miss.

Since my arrival in Mozambique I  value the concern for protecting the environment and the need for peace.

The ACEAG (Center of Education and Agriculture in Gurue’) was established in September 2020 and has been the most important project undertaken to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si. For those who want to know about our project, you can do so by visiting our Website (www.aceag) where you will find the details of our project.

ACEAG was established as a way to strengthen compulsory education in Mozambique, where the SCJs were already making a contribution. However, we did not want to be complacent, because of the conflicts and wars causing so much suffering throughout the country. We believe this is way of creating a better humane future. It was especially the time to do this now, since we are celebrating 75 years of the Dehonian presence in Mozambique.

The education of children with an adequate formation for the parents seemed to be our best choice We established the Machamba School , a non-governmental agricultural school for the parents.

The compulsory schools are to be built in the rural communities in Zambezia, Gurue’, and Nauela. Everything is ready to start the building of these schools but the funding is lacking

We decided not to wait but pursue our dream with the foundation of ACEAG in September 2020. In November ,we put together a team of 6 students who were finishing their advanced studies at the Institute of Agriculture and Cattle Raising ( IMAPEG) This institute was begun by Dehonians in 2007. These students were given a 3 month formation based primarily on caring for Our Common Home based upon the principle of Integral Ecology promoted by Pope Francis. We made efforts to prevent the use of pesticides, herbicides and other dangerous chemicals. We still await the results. We believe we are on the right course. We know there will be difficulties and challenges but we will not be discouraged. We have only been active for a few months but we already see some good things happening

Here in Mozambique we want to acknowledge the Missionary Community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: For their help and collaboration in setting up these facilities in Ivinha.

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