28 January 2016
28 Jan 2016

One Dehon many Dehonians

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Latin American Dehonian Family gathered in a continental meeting, from January 21th to 24th. With the presence of lay dehonians, consecrated lay women and SCJ priests from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil; all together thirty eight people. Also the new general counselor for Dehonian Family, Fr. Artur Sanecki, showed his presence living a message of encouragement and stimulus in order to strengthen the communion among all members.

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The main objectives of the meeting were to deepen even more the actuality of Dehonian carism; to share experiences and to choose a new coordination at continental level. Over the past three years a team of the Brazilian Province of S. Paulo (BSP) has provided the service of coordination. This team also organized the present meeting in Campos do Jordão, a town near to Taubaté. It will fulfill his commitment till September, when Chile’s staff should take over the coordination, as indicated by the participants.

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The consacrated women also chose a coordinator among them: Maria Loreley, an oblate from Uruguay.

We see with great joy that the Dehonian Family grows in Latin America, and we can feel a desire to continue the formation of the dehonian laity and a clear tendency to form new groups of young and adult people. The new Spiritual Path is in use in most groups and shows us to be a good ressource for the coming years.

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