05 February 2015
05 Feb 2015

Philippines -Indonesia Dehonian Family Meeting

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2015-02-05 PHI

Last January 31 to February 1, 2015, delegates from Indonesia came to the Philippines for a meeting to discuss the implementation of the Spiritual Path (Iter Formativo). The encounter took place in the Sacred Heart Formation House, Cagayan de Oro City. With the blessing and support of Fr Andreas Madya and Fr Franciszek Pupkowski, respective Superiors of the Indonesian Province and Philippine Region, the group gathered to make a strategic plan of action regarding the development of the Dehonian Family in the Asian continent. Grace Escobia, who is a member of the interim International Coordinating Group of the Dehonian Family whose area of responsibility is Asia, coordinated the encounter.2015-02-05bis PHI

The gathering was participated by Fr. Agustinus Setyoaji, Fr. Anselmus Inharjanto, Fr. Aloysius Yudhistiro and Mr. Philippus Harijadi from Indonesia and Marian Cabarliza, Lovely Monique Nanol, Joan Palapar and Fr. Richie Gier from the Philippines.

The meeting started with the input about the Charter of Communion of the Dehonian Family. This was followed by the sharing of the message regarding the international encounter in May 2014 in Rome. Afterwards there was a presentation from the respective countries of the state of affairs in their distinct realities about the situation of the Dehonian Family, specifically, the laity and youth group. It was observed that both countries thus far have an active youth group while the laity is still a work in progress. The presence of consecrated persons in Indonesia, specifically, the Compania Missionaria, was recognized and integrated in the planning. Each entity of the Dehonian family was essentially encompassed including the Dehonian Youth.

In the morning of February 1, 2015, brainstorming and discussion ensued about the integral plan of action for the development of the laity and consecrated persons in the Asian continent vis-à-vis the implementation of the Iter Formativo in the context of the program outlined by the International Coordinating Group for 2015 to 2017. The participants were able to devise a plan within the given period for the growth of the Dehonian Family in Indonesia and the Philippines. It was also decided, in the perspective of Sint Unum, to invite delegates from India and Vietnam as observers in the next continental coordinating group meeting for Asia tentatively scheduled in January 2016.

The encounter was concluded by a Eucharistic Celebration concelebrated by the Indonesian Dehonian fathers headed by Fr. Agustinus Setyoaji. A number of Lay Dehonians from Cagayan de Oro joined the mass. The group was enriched by the beautiful sharing of experiences on how the Dehonian Spirituality is lived out in the respective countries, the exchange of ideas and resources for development and formation, as well as looking forward to another encounter in 2016 which is planned to be held in Vietnam.

What was most striking was the teaching on LoReSa as imparted by the Indonesian fathers… love, readiness and sacrifice. The witnessing of Ecce venio and Ecce ancilla. Indeed, as Dehonians we are called to love, to readiness (availability) and to sacrifice – that the Kingdom of the Heart of Christ may reign. Adveniat regnum tuum.

2015-02-05ter PHI

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