04 July 2018
04 Jul 2018

The logo of the XXIV General Chapter

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logo 2_EN

The XXIV General Chapter will take place under a theme inspired by Pope Francis’ words on occasion of a similar event. The Holy Father said that a chapter is a “time of listening.” We, as Dehonians, want to make this present with our specific style, with an open heart and mind. This is why the theme of the chapter will on one hand reflect on the needs of our time and on the other, our way to be present to these challenges. The slogan “With open heart and mind to the urgent needs of the Church and the world” will attempt to guide Chapter reflections.

logo 1_ENIt is a title chosen not by chance, but to bring to mind what has been stated in our Constitutions (Cf 1) and in the newly developed Mission Statement of the Congregation. This is an exceptional moment for the life of the Congregation, a moment in which we are reminded to reflect and seek, in our spiritual heritage, that which can best help us to be for the Church and for the world of today; to be “open” religious.

logo 4_EN

A congregational event of such great importance, which will surely make its mark on the future of the Congregation, will have a very simple logo and at the same time, one that is very emblematic of the Dehonians. The logo, composed of the framed Dehonian cross with the title of the Chapter, was conceived as a symbol of openness that aims to contrast various closures.

logo 3_ENThe simple Dehonian cross without decoration notes a serious moment as we face the challenges of the future. We strongly believe that it is only through the love of Christ that we can answer the needs of the Church and of the world.

You can download the logo of the XXIV General Chapter at the link below.

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